It's me Gerda!

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer based in Manila, Philippines. In the past years I have worked for local and offshore companies or startups, we helped them bootstrap their ideas, and shipped them to the world.

I am currently connected with Sourcepad Inc., a web shop based in Manila. Building great ideas is my passion, may it be a web app or an awesome mobile niche. And also, I love coffee!!

The Process

I believe that everything works through a process, a system that works.

Step 1: Discover

Do you have a web idea? Let's discover its market potential. See if there are existing apps in the wild and identify its value.

Step 2: Build

If we believe that everyone will benefit with the product. Then let's not waste any time, let's start building.

Step 3: Understand

Once launched, let's understand our users' behavior, gather feedback, and get back to step 2. Because we always innovate.

If it could be imagined, it could be built.

-William Arthur Ward

Skills and Open Source Technologies

The Web is drastically changing and innovating year by year. In order to build that web idea of yours, we need to use the latest technologies out there.


It takes knowledge, smart work, and dedication to make great ideas come to life. I have been helping make great ideas happen for the past 5 years and am always ready for new challenges.

90% Complete
75% Complete
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80% Complete
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Although I'm not a designer by birth. I've been hoping to be one someday and be better on that field.

80% Complete
90% Complete
90% Complete
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Professional Timeline

  • Sourcepad Inc.
  • Currently working for sourcepad as a Ruby on Rails developer.
    Our clients are: Umbiedentalcare, Dineoncampus, Sweigh, etc.
  • 05/05/2013 - Present

  • Freelance Project: WsupNow
  • Worked with client, Stuart Leung. A gay event app where users can search for gay events near them.
  • 26/09/2012 - 10/04/2013

  • Freelance Project: Vizaroo
  • Worked with client, Matt Hurst. Vizaroo is a teaching tool or an audience response app where teachers can post a question and then students can add answers in real time. It displays a mind map of the questions and answers.
  • 03/07/2012 - 07/08/2012

  • Cofounded Bootyard / Web Developer
  • Cofounded Bootyard, a ruby on rails shop based in Cebu City Philippines. We helped startups bootstrap their web ideas. Technologies we specialized are ruby on rails, jquery, jquery mobile, and other open source libraries.
    Some of our clients are: Tlkbck, Adakite, & Wizur.
  • 01/11/2011 - 01/06/2012

  • Freelance Project: Winjunkie and several projects
  • Worked with client, Kent Fenwick.
    Our clients are: Winjunkie, ThiShipyards, CrookedCue, etc.
  • 26/06/2011 - 05/03/2013

  • Ruby on Rails Developer in Exvo
  • Built some of the exvo apps. Contributed to the development of their theme.
  • 05/07/2010 - 20/10/2011

  • Freelance Project: Tigerbalm
  • Worked with Bobby Santiago. Tigerbalm is a website for the company's products.
  • 25/08/2010 - 30/12/2010

  • Worked at Percolait In.
  • This is where I learn to code with Rails. I was first involve in building the frontend until I learn the rails magic. This is when I learn that in a startup, you either sink or swim.
  • 05/02/2010 - 01/08/2010

Companies I helped bootstrap their ideas

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